If you are interested in getting more involved in CMSA, on a committee or as a Board Member, please contact Patty McOwen (pmcowen@maestrohealth.com).. If you know someone who would be an asset to the CMSA Charlotte Metro Chapter leadership, please call Patty with their name and number and she will contact that person (anonymous nominations are welcome).

Board Members for the Charlotte Metro Chapter are selected through an elections process held every year in October for a term beginning in January and ending in December. Officers, are elected bi-annually and will serve a term of two years or until a successor assumes office. Executive Directors serve a 3-year term. Officer and Board positions generally require less than 10 hours per month.


Committees are open to members in good standing. Committee participation is generally less than 5 hours per month. If you are interested in participating in a committee, please contact Patty McOwen. (pmcowen@maestrohealth.com)

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